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Our wide-range of business services can assist you with everything from business research and analysis, defining target customer, UX-design, refreshing your base identity, to developing an online presence through new website, eCommerce, brand identity, photography or social media. Add a large selection of small and large format printings, indoor and outdoor. Reklame Fabrikk has it all.

20 years’ experience in B2B solutions, more than 200 satisfied customers.


Why is Reklame Fabrikk different from others?

We are a B2B, creative design company with finance and economy, public relations, marketing and graphic design background. We connect traditional marketing agencies and graphic design agencies adding business research services as well as UX-design so you can have everything done in one place. We offer a complete set of services that are client oriented and fitted to his needs, ideas and budget.

Why should I choose Reklame Fabrikk?

To start with – quality and individual approach along with tailored services. Since we can offer a variety of them, you do not need to look any further. We are able to cover all your designing needs.

Satisfaction – we need you to be fully satisfied with the final project. We will work until you say it is finished.

Client oriented – you and your needs are the most important for us. No short cuts along the way. We deeply understand our work is your investment and we want it work for you as much as possible.

Value for money – since we do not stick to a price list, there is always a place for meeting half way. And of course our price quotation will always be very attractive.

What am I responsible for?

Actually there is not much you are responsible for, regarding the website service you will need to purchase domain and hosting services before starting the web design. If you need help with that, we are always to assist. Also, we will need all of your content such as images, logos texts, product photos etc. (if you have them) sent over. If you do not have it, no problem, we will take care of it, too.

Are you an eco-friendly company?

Yes, we are. Our printing products are made of toxic free inks and come from certified materials suppliers. We also offer eco prints on 100% recycled paper.

How do payments work?

Depending on the project scale or service there are different payment plans to choose from. With large projects it is split into parts. You will receive payment plan together with your individual price quotation. Payments are made by bank transfer or Vipps (Norway only).

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Whenever you need small or big project, whatever your budget is, whatever you do, we are here to design your better future.

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